Deep Tailor

Software Engineer

Front-end Engineer passionate about using the latest technologies like ReactJS to build fluid and responsive web applications. Fluent in Javascript, Ruby, English, Swahili and Gujrati.
I am interested in new opportunities and would love to chat!



ReactJS, Redux, Rails, PostgreSQL, CSS, HTML

Single Page application for streaming music inspired by Spotify

  • Designed a RESTful Rails API to serve a single page web app in conjunction with a PostgreSQL database
  • Constructed front-end views using React.js with a Redux architecture to componentize the views
  • Incorporated HTML5 audio with React Player to give users an uninterrupted music stream
  • Used CSS and Javascript to customize the look and feel of the audio player
  • Built a session authentication system, hashing passwords with BCrypt to ensure a high level of DB security

Cosmic Bubble

Javascript, jQuery, Canvas, CSS, HTML

Dynamic browser game where users strive to become the largest bubble

  • Followed JavaScript OOP design and prototypal inheritance to generate user and enemy bubbles from common moving object class
  • Engineered a collision detection algorithm to interact with rendered objects
  • Generated dynamic gameplay in a HTML5 Canvas element by utilizing vector math for game state updates


ReactJS, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, HTML

Portfolio website for Chicago based Indian Bridal Boutique

  • Collaborated with a UI designer from Chicago to implement best design principles
  • Utilized Google Maps API to pinpoint address and display to users
  • Website increased appointment bookings by over 40% in first week after launch



Chrome Extension that allows users to take a moving screenshot

  • Utilized the Chrome API extensively to record screen shot and transform capture object to webm format

Collect Tabs

Javascript, HTML, CSS

Chrome Extension to save most used tabs and open at click of one button

  • Utilized Chrome Tabs API to store web addresses
  • Stored data to user storage using Chrome Storage API for persisting tab data



June 2016 - Current

Fullstack Developer

  • Designed and developed Full Stack Applications for clients using Ruby on Rails on the backend, and ReactJS on the Frontend
  • Provided individually tailored solutions and incorporated designs from various UI/UX designers

Victoria Commercial Bank (Nairobi, Kenya)

October 2014 - May 2016

Investment Strategist

  • Created Portfolio strategies and built customized portfolios for over 125 high net worth clients
  • Utilized portfolio diversification to consistently earn a return over 8% beating the average return of the Nairobi Stock market
  • Effectively led a team of 4 other strategists to come up with optimal investment strategies

Northwestern Mutual

May 2012 - August 2014

Wealth Management Advisor

  • Advised over 100 clients and developed financial and estate plans enhancing their asset diversification and maximizing returns
  • Increased company‚Äôs revenue by $2 million through securing new clients and investable assets
  • Mentored 20 incoming interns and helped them target and develop a successful client base


  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • RUBY
  • SQL
  • GIT


App Academy

1000 hour Fullstack Web Development program with an acceptance rate < 3%

Emphasis on Test Driven Development (TDD) and pair programming

Purdue University

Bachelor Of Science - Finance